Thursday, Sep 21, 2023

Self-Serve Ad Manager – What Does A Self-Serve Ad Manager Do?

So, you’ve decided to start your marketing campaign. What now? Well, there are many significant advantages to self-serve advertising. These include being flexible, cost-effective, and easy to target. Here are some of them:

Easy to use

Vox Media has recently released an easy-to-use self-serve ad management tool. This tool allows brands to create and deploy advertising campaigns across the web and leverage the trusted inventory of Opera apps. It is currently in a pilot program with about a dozen brands. Advertisers can choose the type of ads they want to run and manage them directly on the app.

Using a self-service ad manager will make managing your ads more accessible.: You can also visit for more information.


A flexible self-service ad manager is a valuable tool for advertisers. With it, marketers can design, test, and launch advertising campaigns without the help of specialized staff. For example, Lineup Systems’ Ad2order product provides customizable branding and templates, automation, and options for upgrades and packages. Advertisers can also track their budgets, view audience segments, and target by location. In addition, ad orders can be paid directly in the customer portal.

Moreover, the flexible self-service ad manager lets advertisers adjust their ad budget and create custom campaigns, including those with a minimum spend of $500 per campaign. This self-service ad manager also offers robust advertising solutions for businesses of all sizes.


If you need a self-service ad manager but are unsure how much to spend, you should consider other options.

A managed-service ad manager charges 15% in management fees, which is not broken out in the IO and is baked into CPMs, skewing the results. On the other hand, a self-service ad manager charges less than a 15% management fee. Additionally, unlike managed-service campaigns, you can track campaign performance in real-time. That means you can use the data from one platform to influence ad placement on another.

Easy to target

Advertisers love self-serve ads because they are easy to use, scalable, and incredibly effective. Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram have more than two billion monthly active users. Self-serve ads also give you a wealth of targeting options, including location, age, and purchase behavior. Depending on your marketing goals, you can create ads targeting the exact people you’re looking to reach.

Self-serve platforms are designed for small businesses and are largely automated. Small businesses typically don’t have a dedicated marketing team, and their budgets are tied to performance. Because of this, it is essential to know who your target audience is and what interests them the most. Using self-serve ads can help you achieve your goals while controlling your budget.