Thursday, Mar 23, 2023


If you are planning on opening a dispensary, or you already own one, this write-up is useful for you, your attention is needed here. Finance is an aspect of life that cannot be overemphasized or over discussed, finance is a term that is used to describe generally acceptable means of exchange, the process of earning and making money, the process of keeping and saving money, how money is been invested, how profit or loss is made. Finance also speaks about actors of monetary transactions and interactions. In short, we can say that finance speaks about what money is and how it can be made, distributed, invested, and or saved. Money is generally an acceptable form of exchange that humans can’t do without most especially in this age and era. With this explanation, we can say that finance is part of human existence and all activities of humans revolve around money and finance that is, it is impossible to do anything or venture into any business without finance.

 The main reason for establishing a business in the first place is to make a financial profit although any other reason can follow this it is the most important reason why people venture into business and am sure this is one of the reasons why you might be planning on owning a dispensary too.

The first financial aspect of opening a dispensary is making feasibility studies in other to know how much you will require in setting up your dispensary. Your feasibility’s study has to be realistic and very accurate and to get this done you have to know all that is required of you own a dispensary, you must know how much it will cost you to get a license, how much it will cost to get a suitable building for dispensary operations, how many staffs and how much you will pay them, how much products you intend to have in your facility, how much it will cost to transport your products and materials, In fact, you need to know how much it will cost to get everything that concerns owning a dispensary.

The next financial aspect of owning a dispensary is getting funds or capital for your dispensary. Owning a dispensary can be quite profitable but it is very capital intensive, so you must know that you will be in need of so much funding. You might get loans from a bank or seek willing investors who might want to partner with you.

Another financial aspect of owning a dispensary is keeping financial records of all financial transactions that transpired between you and your partners, your consumers/customers and your dispensary, etc. this will make your dispensary standard and it will make you keep a tab on your finance and you will easily know when you are making a profit or running at a loss after opening a dispensary.