Wednesday, Mar 22, 2023

Different Common Sports Injuries

You may be wondering what a sports medicine physician does and if it is a lucrative career path. Well, sports medicine physicians treat injuries that are common to playing sports whether professionally or as a student-athlete. Because sports-related injuries are typically caused by making the same movements repeatedly, there are common ailments that sports medicine physicians see often.

Hamstring Pull

You can very easily pull your hamstring even if you are in very good shape. Pulling your hamstring can be one of the most common ailments treated by Sports Medicine Burlington ON. It is typically caused by excessive physical strain put on your hamstring by running or jumping.

Ankle Sprain

There are a number of ways that you can sprain your ankle even when you are not exercising. The medical cause for an ankle sprain is when you stretch or rupture your ankle ligament. This can happen through rolling or falling on your ankle or through strain from overuse.

Shin Splints

Shin splints are interesting because they are a pain in the leg that can have many different causes. Some include small fractures in the leg bones called stress fractures, lack of strength in the abdominal muscles or hips, shin muscles becoming inflamed, or even an improper foot arch.


concussion is an extremely serious injury that is common in high-impact sports. Football players and hockey players can regularly suffer from concussions which can cause problems later in life. A concussion is when the protective fluid and gel surrounding your brain are damaged. Because concussions can lead to fatalities if left untreated, it is very important for physicians to identify if an athlete has experienced a concussion.

Torn Knee (ACL)

The ACL, the anterior cruciate ligament, is responsible for the proper movement of the knee. In sports, athletes tend to stop abruptly or twist quickly which can cause damage to this ligament resulting in a torn ACL.