Friday, Jun 21, 2024

Colors that look best on redheads and how to wear them

As trivial as it can sound, the beauty of red hair comes from its uniqueness, so beautiful and so distinctive. As a redhead, at times it can seem difficult to understand how to correctly combine colors and which ones to select to create a memorable appearance that complements your hair color. Some shades might make you look paler and can dull your complexion, while others can help you stand out from the crowd. If you are looking to learn more about a few colors that can make you look like a million dollars, here are a few of them and how to dress them:


First and foremost, as a redhead, green is definitely the first color you should consider wearing. While milder tones like sage green look excellent on blondes and brunettes, deeper shades like emerald and teal are perfect for you. We’ve seen redhead celebs like Amy Adams, Nicole Kidman, and Florence Welch rock this color on the red carpet on several occasions, creating a wonderful contrast between their bright hair color and various hues of green. If a red-carpet-style green dress is too daring for you right now, wear a sweater, such as a dark green Irish sweater from Tara Irish Clothing, to bring the color into your everyday life. This way, you can make an accent on your appearance even when wearing a casual outfit.


Many people don’t give purple enough credit, and it’s all for naught. Purple is a fantastic color to wear as a redhead since it offers a great compliment to your unique skin and hair type. Purple, just like green, comes in a variety of hues, and it’s important to know which one is right for you. Generally, lighter colors, such as lavender and periwinkle, are to be avoided by redheads since they can wash out the tone of their hair. Instead, opt for hues like violet, eggplant, and even redder tones like mulberry and plum, which are ideal for fall outfits. A purple dress, whether it’s a delicate silk cocktail dress or a wool knitted dress for the colder months, will look stunning on you.


A cold blue color highlights the fiery red hair and pale complexion, which makes you look more appealing and creates a more interesting look.  As you have already understood from the previous examples, deep shades work best with red hair and blue is no exception.  For a winning appearance, choose a garment of cobalt, navy, azure, and even indigo, as they will be the ones that will make you look stunning. Deep blue looks good on any type of top that you can think of, be it a sweater, a turtleneck, a blazer, or even a thick overcoat, but you can also go for a simpler denim blue for your jeans if you want to create a more relaxing outfit.