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Categories of Cajun Cuisine

Generally speaking, there are three main categories of Cajun food. These categories include gumbo, etouffee and alligator. Each category contains several dishes, but some essential elements can be found in all three. Generally speaking, Cajun food combines French, Spanish and West African cooking techniques.


Typically, etouffee is made with crawfish, but it can also be made with shrimp. It is a Cajun food that is served over rice. A variety of meats and seafood can be used to make it.

The roux provides a nutty flavor and a thick texture. Roux also adds an umami flavor to the etouffee. Some recipes use peanut butter roux, which gives the dish a richer flavor.

The crawfish etouffee dish originated in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. In fact, Breaux Bridge was designated as the crawfish capital of the world in 1959.

Traditionally, etouffee is made by cooking crawfish in a roux. The roux is also used to make gumbo, a mixture of meats. The etouffee is served over white rice.

There are many different styles of cooking in Cajun cuisine. Some popular cajun seafood plano are jambalaya, gumbo, and etouffee. These dishes are made with a combination of seafood, meats, and aromatic vegetables.


Gumbo is a good option whether you are looking for a quick dinner or an economical dish to feed a crowd. A variety of meats and seafood can be used to make it.

Traditionally, gumbo consists of a roux base, okra, rice, and seasonings. For a richer, more complex flavor, you can add file powder. Various dried leaves are combined to make sassafras leaf powder. This earthy, herbaceous flavor balances the complex flavors of gumbo.

The roux is made with equal parts flour and fat. It is cooked until it turns dark brown. A dark roux has less thickening power than a light roux, but it will add a deeper flavor. You can make a roux ahead of time and store it in the refrigerator.

You can also bake your roux in an oven. This will take more time, but it requires less attention.

You can also use a microwave to speed up the process. You will need a roux whisk for this.

Tasso Ham

Adding tasso to dishes adds spice to gumbo, chowder, and stew. Tasso can also be used in creamy dips, hors d’ouerves, and pasta dishes.

Tasso is made from the front shoulder of the hog and is a staple ingredient in Cajun food. Having been smoked and cured, the meat has a spicy flavor. It is used to flavor gumbo, stews, chowder, and rice. Tasso also gives a fiery boost to bisques, chowder, and creamy vegetable soups.

Tasso is often referred to as a ham, but it is a pork product. It is cured and smoked and resembles ham in texture and flavor. Tasso is sold at meat markets and in specialty stores in Louisiana. It is also available online at stores like Walmart and Amazon.

The meat comes from the shoulder of the hog and weighs about 7 to 8 pounds. It is usually sold pre-sliced. It can be used in place of bacon or pancetta in Cajun dishes.


Whether you’re new to the Cajun food scene or just looking for something a little different to spice up your menu, you’ll find various recipes you’ll love. But there’s one ingredient that’s still a mystery to many people: alligator meat. It’s a lean protein that’s low in fat and tastes just like chicken. You can buy it at a local seafood market or butcher shop or find it online.

When you buy alligator meat, you will find that it comes in various cuts. The tail is the best part of cooking. It’s the most tender, and its meat is very mild in flavor.

You can prepare a fried alligator meal by placing the meat on a hot grill and letting it cook until it’s cooked through. It should be cooked to a minimum internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can add sauteed peppers and onions for a different take on a fried alligator meal. For a more spicy meal, you can add a bit of cayenne pepper to the mixture.