Tuesday, Sep 26, 2023

Brief Analysis for Abdominoplasty, that you need to know

In the first consultation, the physician would have a brief look at your medical history. The physician would get to know about your past as well as your current medical condition. Whether you are taking any medicines or injections, also that is what you are allergic to. Before the surgery, the Surgeon would like to know about your expectations and desired results of this process. This would help the surgeon to perform the surgery accordingly. You would have to undergo a physical examination to know you are fit for surgery. When deciding to undergo such a procedure, it is recommended to compare the benefits with the potential risks and complications. The cost for abdominoplasty may vary.

The procedure of Abdominoplasty:

Depending on the results you might seek or want, the procedure can take anywhere from around one hour to five hours. In the first step, Anesthesia is inject. At the second step, the Incision would be based on the sort of abdominoplasty and the total amount of extra skin on that particular area. And when the stomach skin is increased, the surgeon would then control and form the inherently weakened muscles as per the requirement. After completing the surgery, your incision site would be stitch and bandage; you would have to wear an elastic bandage or compression garment.

Your surgeon will also advise about the best position you need to stay in to help you to ease the pain. After the process in the first week, you can experience Bruising, Tightness, and Swelling. You can feel mild to moderate pain in your body. So, You would have to take oral pain medication around 5 to 7 times. You cannot practice exercise, heavy workouts. Smoking and alcohol consumption should be strictly avoid for around four months after the completion of operation surgery.

Factors affecting the cost of Abdominoplasty Surgery:

Those aspects for which the cost for abdominoplasty may vary are mentioned below-

  • The clinic- Different clinics have different policies. As the operation occurs in a private hospital, they have different cost charts and take different charges accordingly. Some hospitals take more charges, and some take fewer charges. It depends upon you, like where you live and which hospital you choose.
  • The fee- The hospitals have physicians. They need to pay fees to their group of physicians.
  • Test- There are some standard diagnostic and test processes which need to be done.
  • Care- You might be prescribe to stay at the hospital under observation. The hospitals take some charge of the follow-up care needed after the procedure.


Generally, to undergo cost for abdominoplasty surgery, it would take around Rs 180,000 on approx. But the cost may vary. The cost depends on certain aspects. The cost may vary depending upon the clinic, the cost of test processes, and physicians’ fees. Abdominoplasty carries certain risks that may be serious or life-threatening. Hence, all patients must be informed of all the risks they are exposing themselves to. Severe complications occur, however, in rare cases, including blood clots, thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary complications or infection.