Friday, Jun 21, 2024

Ace Your Annual Truck Inspection

Every part of your commercial truck needs to be in excellent shape if you want the vehicle to be safe on the road. Here is some of the information you need to make sure your truck passes the inspection.

Know the Basics

A commercial vehicle has to pass a yearly inspection. There are six different inspection levels and each targets a different area of your vehicle. A Level 1 inspection, for example, usually examines the turn signals, seat belts and exhaust system. This inspection may last an hour because the inspector has to check all the major components of your vehicle.

Bring Your Documentation

If you want your commercial vehicle to pass inspection, there are several documents you need to have. You should make sure your log book has an entry for every day you have been on the road. You should also keep your CDL documentation with you.

The Department of Transportation usually requires truckers to get a physical exam every year. An inspector will likely want to see your exam certificate, as well as your medical waivers if you have any. If you think you will need any safety compliance help Dallas, you should speak to someone at your company to make sure you are ready for inspection.

Be Prepared

To ensure your truck inspection goes smoothly, take a few measures in advance. Make sure you perform a pre-trip inspection to identify any potential problems. If you find any issues, fix these before the inspection. Additionally, keep a spare tire on the tire rack. If you do not have a spare tire, your commercial vehicle will not pass the inspection. You should also make sure your emergency kit is fully stocked so the inspector can see you are ready for all situations.

The safety of your truck is essential to your livelihood. Use these tips to make sure your vehicle is always ready to go.