Monday, Apr 22, 2024

8 Main Causes of Odor At Home

Everybody wants a lovely smelling house, but that may not be the case since bad smells often find a way to spoil the air. Funny enough, these smells may originate from areas where you can’t think of quickly. However, if you fail to trace the smell, check the following causes, and you will likely find the culprit sooner than you expected.

What is Causing That Horrible Smell in Your House?

Trash Can

It is evident, garbage stinks. Food particles and spills can pile up under the trash bag and cause an awful smell. Clean the can and ensure the trash bag is emptied regularly, even before full.


At times you may smell mold, but you can’t see it because it can grow behind wallpapers, under the kitchen sinks, or ceiling tiles. Generally, mold can grow on any moist surface in the house. However, mold spores can cause serious health issues if inhaled. So check the services of professional mold removals here and enjoy a mold-free environment.


Carpets are prone to dust, wetness, or pet pee. They can also trap mold particles in the house and cause a musty smell. It’s, therefore, advisable to vacuum your carpets three times or more per week using a high-efficiency particulate air filter machine.


Cats and dogs pee or poop is a common issue in homes. Pets can also be smelly if you take some time before cleaning them. So, bathe your pets regularly and clean their sleeping area to avoid fur and smell buildup. Clean the poop and wash the kitty litter daily with water and soap.


A dishwasher can have a foul smell if food particles get stuck in the filter. There’s also lots of moisture in the dishwasher, which can enhance mold and mildew growth within a short period. Therefore, ensure to remove your filter regularly and clean it with a sponge or dishwasher cleaner. You can also place a bowl of vinegar at the bottom rack.

Wet Clothes

Always keep your dirty clothes basket away from water. Most people place it in bathrooms where they are likely to get wet, thus creating a breeding ground for bacteria and molds.

New Furniture

You may think you’ll like the smell of your new sofas or cabinets, but that may not be the case since they release volatile organic compounds into the air. These gases may irritate your nose or throat, causing you a headache or dizziness. The remedy for that smell is to open the windows to get in the fresh air. It is also advisable to go for products that have low VOC.

Dead Animals

Animals such as rats, birds can die in the attic or under a deck and bring foul smell in the house. At first, you may notice a faint odor that grows stronger by the day. For live animals, the smell may be of their waste.

The foul smell in the house can be horrible, and you may not like to spend an extra day with such smells. So, be keen and check the places named above where smells can originate and take necessary measures.