Thursday, Sep 21, 2023

4 Simple and Effective Mold Prevention Tips

Most homeowners fear the word “mold.” This pungent-smelling discoloration is more than an unsightly blemish to the house. It’s a possible hazard, forcing owners to perform major cleanup and renovations. The spores thrive within the right conditions: moisture, organic matter and darkness.

With the right combination, an infestation could occur quickly, unnoticeable until the organisms have spread throughout a room. Here are four easy ways to protect your home and keep mold at bay.

  1. Run the Air Conditioner

This unit not only provides cool air, but it extracts much of the humidity from the air. Because mold thrives on moisture, this last part is instrumental in minimizing mold damage. Keep your air conditioner running in warm weather.

  1. Use the Air Vents

The kitchen and bathrooms likely have air vents, moving the damp air from showers outside. Turn them on immediately after a shower. The foggy mirrors are a clue that you have excess wetness that needs to go. The vents assist in alleviating that concern faster than air dry methods.

The oven also usually has a vent to counteract the heat of the cooking. Be sure to use it to offset the temperature’s impact on the room’s humidity levels.

  1. Check Plumbing Lines

Leaky faucets may appear simple and minor, but the excess fluid is a catalyst for fungal spore reproduction. Check your sinks and appliances regularly for drips, rust or corrosion. If you notice anything, contact experts in plumbing services Geneva IL for help.

  1. Clean the Dryer Vents

A clogged dryer vent is not only a fire hazard, but it is also a moisture issue. The lint buildup blocks the airflow and forces the appliance to work harder. This means the heat and dampness accrue more. Service it once a year.

Stop mold before it becomes an issue. Limit the water levels in your home, and keep a close eye on appliances and bathrooms.